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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ஓbehind these hazel eyesஓ

Bought contact lenses just this Monday in Cebu. We went to Cebu for 2 days because my dad had a health check up in Chong Hua hospital. So after buying them last Monday, I started wearing them the next day yesterday which was Tuesday. These doll contacts will expire in 1 year. Wore them for the first time in school after Christmas vacation today and it caught some attention. One even said that my eyes were sparkling beautifully. BTW I've been wearing contacts for 3 years already and glasses for 4 years. I really prefer wearing contacts because it's more handy and everything's more clearer to me since it's in a closer range than eyeglasses. So that's all and yea I know today was pretty much boring since it is already back to school for me. 

Well, the Christmas vacay was fun 'til it lasted. What kinda sucks is that it's like the day doesn't have enough time for me anymore to finish what I started during the vacay which was watching "Personal Taste" (korean drama). I felt that the vacation was too short and that I needed more time. There's just too much Korean dramas out there that I still need to watch and I also feel that I could've watch more than 2 Korean dramas over the vacay but I wasn't able to do so:[ Well, maybe because I was just having too much fun^-^
I like you but you like her. It seems hopeless so now should I just give up, ignore and forget about you?   

4 intrigued?:

aian said...

wow. green eyes are wonderful

sHeRrY said...

@aian: yea i think so too:]

Cha said...

wow, its cute! :)
its GEO lens?

sHeRrY said...

@cha: no not really:]

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