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Monday, August 3, 2009

★Unfortunate Events..:[★


Somehow, today I feel depressed..
&& wanna noe why??
It must be from all of those emotional people on TV Pa
trol on TV ,mourning for rendering condolence to the (another) late mother of democracy (Philippines) Corazon "CoRy" Aquino..
I said "another" before late bcoz I mean *Gosh* this year 2
009 it's like a lotta famous people are dying^^/

Examples of them are:
Francis M~~ Francis Magalona
MJ~~Michael Jackson
most especially
Pres. Corazon Aquino..T

I really pay tribute to the 3 famous names listed above^^

Well, to be honest I don't really much idolize Francis M bcoz I just heard of his existence when he was confirmed to be graveyard material+_+

Honestly, even though I wasn't even born during the reign of Aquino I somehow really felt touch by all the BIG contributions she did for Philippines...
The fight for freedom she contributed that even until this generation the youth still encounters.. REALLY TY Tita CoRy^.^

She will permanently be forever in our hearts<333
(notice how I'm wearing tita cOrY's campaign motif 'yellow')

Wad a really sad way of starting the month..God really had to pick Aug 1, 2009 around 3AM didn't he?? Anyways, at least she left pEaCeFuLlY T_T

&& speaking of the 1st day of August I remembered a very UNFORTUNATE event that happened to me that day^^, actually, there's 3^^p

First up is

no internet connection the whole day

Second up is

Right after the first time I attempted to go
online&&got bad luck, I felt my bladder about to burst so I had to got to the toilet^^, after that just to my luck I twisted the doorknob wid all my might until my hands got really swollen but still unfortunately the door didn't budged so I tried calling my dad for help.. && yea dad to the rescue to save his lil princess^^ It kinda took awhile&&I actually attempted to climb out of the bathroom window but that didn't work since it was in a height that I needed a lil boost my dad took out a bunch of keys..&& finally the tingling sounds ended && PHEW! I was out in a jiffy..(^.^)
Wad a relief^^..
jejeh.. the evil door&&our bathroom that teamed up to lock me up inside for less than 5mins^v^

3rd place goes to

during in the process of editing a photo there was suddenly a blackout @ around midnight&& that's wad made it more frightening&&double it wid the fact that I HATE BLACKOUTS bcoz I'm kinda scared of the dark&&plus I was in a room
where people around me were off to dreamland~~__while I was quivering^^/(some housemates!)..@ the same time I was really irritated bcoz all I had to do wid the edited photo was to save&&now I have to redo it again(I'll show u someday)..

But on the BRIGHT side^^

  • I edited the playlist @ the top by adding new songs&&actually ALL songs play ^^, the negative side is just the loading part^^;
  • Today I had an almost perfect day if it wasn't for CL..(Loooonnngggg story)
Here's the story:
First when Mrs Tabs entered the room, we accidentally forgot to greet her 'good aftie'&&be polite when about to sit down by saying 'TY'&&that was the start of her bad temper..then obviously she started giving out&&deducting 10pts from our character evaluation sheets^^/(for me wadever!) but unfortunately I was in trouble when it came to that bcoz I left my evaluation things in the locker&&obviously she wudnt let me(&&a friend) off the hook by not letting us go get it from the locker^^/ so I got into a bad mood(why wudnt she let us get it??I mean she's not gonna be the one bothering to it get from our lockers..who does she think she is??she might be sad over cory or was alredy in a bad mood before she reached our class or maybe simply she was in a menopause..ehejhej[well, im sorry for this I'm juz releasing all my anger^^p]&&when that usually starts it usually becomes a chronology) since we were not only to evaluate but also add up the scores for the Periodical Test requirements.. Right after class I kinda cooled down(but still had a temper on..I ignored people..)&&went straight to my locker, added the scores up&&walked together wid my friend.. && to our luck she was like making it hard for us by asking 'give me 2 valid reasons why I shud accept those??'(wadever! so UNREASONABLE.. I mean its pretty obvious that shes gonna accept it anyways).. so yada yada we said sorry handed it to her&&she finally accepted it^^ Yey!
&& like I said usually when the bad mood starts it kinda becomes a sequence.. so after cooling down a bit for my papers were accepted by the EVIL WITCH I was in the mood to let a schoolmate photocopy my math notes&&to the extend that I like waited for a long time since the photocopy place was crowded wid students who (mayb)never dared to copy notes so now they were like borrowing notes from people &&then having it photocopied---- few minutes passed until my dad arrived wid my cousin alredy in the car to fetch me&&she was still not done.. A friend also together waited wid me&&we had the same situation^^, we talked for awhile how our situations wer soooo annoying until I noticed a tempura stand&&went all craving for it so I asked my dad for money&&he granted me to buy 3 for me,him&&cuz---friend still not done..after buying, I delivered it to dad&&cuz^^,&& to my cuz's luck(*irritated*..ARGH! so clumsy..) she didn't
hold it properly&&dropped it before she cud even have the chance to eat^^/ but still she ate the tempura..&& then finally she was done having my math notes photocopied!
So we drove home, arrived safely&& now this is wad I'm doin(blogging*.*)
  • I also had a funny day&& now I'm reminiscing all the giggles&&laughs^.^

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