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Tuesday, August 4, 2009



After reading a gUiWaNg fanfic called 'Not Just A Momentary Thing',
I felt that I needed to update my stomach wid noodles so after I cooked noodles I ate it^^,
Boring much right??? Well, I don't care I juz wanted to let u noe that today I ate noodles..HMPH!

(It was full now its EMPTY:P..I used chopstix)
Yea.. so if all I can talk about my life is juz noodles then it can prove that I have a boring day today...hHhaAa!XxX...

Never thought that I'd ever say this but layf widout school is kinda boring++/
Wanna noe why I haven't got school today?? Well, in some countries like USA u might say that bcoz it's Summer but for me living here in the Philippines it's different bcoz our summer vacation starts off in April-May&&school starts in June.. &&It's not bcoz I'm sick, I'm not even absent.. It's just that a day before periodical tests it's always like this^^, no school bcoz we're given one day off to study... May it be in elementary/High School... no college^^, well, our school used to have before I was born ...
Anyways, I'm suppose to be studying but I prefer not to.. It's not bcoz I'm a happy-go-lucky person in fact, I'm one of the top honor students && it's also not bcoz I'm too smart to study.. it's bcoz the study period has been extended by the school to 2 days -not permanent for the whole yr- .. Their valid reason is bcoz of the new declared holiday--- it's actually a sad holiday bcoz 2mrw is gonna be the burial of Pres. Corazon AquinoT_T
So I just decided that I'd study off 2mrw...hehhej^^, that's also the reason why my dad is not nagging me to study--bcoz of the 2 day study period.. he has faith in me that I can make it wid only 1 day study period heheh...(I'm gonna let him down___jOkE!) My dad usually doesn't nag bcoz I take the initiative to study first.. yea that's right! that's how I'm well dedicated to my studies&&responsible I am ...hehehjij

OMG! I'm so nervous for 2mrw.. I mean '1' WHOLE day of studying.. I noe that i've tried locking myself up before in my room just studying for a whole day but it's different this time bcoz our test was changed from a 3-day(haf day) to a 2-day(haf day) so they had to squeeze in the subjects of the last day subjects to the 1st&&2nd day just bcoz of the said holiday^^...*bites fingers* so 2mrw instead of just studying 3-4 subjects its gonna be tough for i'll be already studying 5-6 subjects.. I mean 3-4 subjects was torture enough for me already how much more 6?? You kidding me??&&&the lessons are getting morrr harder since I'm already a sophomore+_+ really plz wish me luck on Thursday...:]

(Taylor anyone?? Yea her song[not 'OUR song'] 'U Belong Wid Me' is in the playlist)

ARGH! I'm so irritated!!! yea the internet connection is fine but did u have to get on my nerves by having TWO BLACKOUTS in a day?? It's good that the sun is still up or otherwise I'm gonna really have to SCREAM!
(oh puh~leeshh so EXAGGERATED right??? I'm not that bad-tempered..ok maybe I may have some anger management issues but it's REASONABLE.. but usually anger management issues are unreasonable right? otherwise why wud it be called that? O well...waadddeeebbhhEeRr!!! )

It's my cousin's birthday 2mrw... It's gonna be sad for me bcoz CoRy's gonna be buried..T_T.. I'm not only crying for that I'm also crying for freedom from studying much 2mrw...

Enough cryiiing&&studying for now I'm gonna be reading a gUiWaNg fanfic...
Do ya'll even noe wad a gUiWaNg fanfic is??? well, its a fan(meaning created by fans) fictional story(not true..but it's true when it comes to gUiWaNg..heheh)gUiWaNg is GuiGui(WuYingJie)=girl WangZi(QiuShengYi)=boy.. They are part of the pop band 'HeyGirl'&&'Lollipop' which in 2007 filmed a drama series together called 'Brown Sugar Macchiato'
Haix... I have to say that drama series has the WORST plot ever!!! but it can still be understood&&acceptable for me to be aired in ABS..I hope they will(mayb not bcoz like I said it has the worst plot ever).. but bcoz of it I'm now suffering from gUiWaNg fever.. actually, I was downloading a hardsubbed drama(Hot Shot..until now they're still not finished subbing..currently the status is ep12 out of16) from IntangibleFansubs since Hot Shot was currently airing in ABS then..I hadn't got any knowledge about downloading torrent stuff or wadever but now I have enough knowledge so when I downloaded about 9 eps alrd I though of burning it in a DVD so I can watch in our Sony Bravia TV(detailed much??).. Then it went to my mind if I burn Hot Shot(not complete), will I still be able to burn the remaining episodes on the blank DVD(costs much) in the future?? So I tried downloading another finished-subbed drama that seemed a little interesting so that I wudnt be wasting time downloading&&luckily I picked Brown Sugar Macchiato..(So relieved that I never dared to download Brown Sugar Chivalries..well its bcoz my first look at the poster was about action/wadever&&I hate watching those&&BSM looked more modernized&it was about Teen love in school yadayada.. I'm so disgusted by the drama bcoz the main leads are XiaoXun-also a member of HeyGirl&&WangZi-gUigUi..WangXun EEEWWWW!!! In BSM I've considered XX also one of my faves but now shes like stealing WangZi away from Gui!!!).. But to my luck I cudnt burn it since there was some CD drive problems..&& that's the story on how I first met gUiWaNg..hehejeh^.^


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