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Monday, January 7, 2013

✿few tweaks


Yea just making the most out of my Christmas Holiday by doing a few tweaks here in my blog just before I go back to school in about 7hours time. Well, as you've noticed, I've added up a new cute speech bubble with a pink heart in it favicon. Actually, I already had a favicon before and if you remember my fist ever favicon was a pink musical note that I found over at but that was somehow replaced by Blogger's favicon. Dunno how that suddenly disappeared but anyway, I've this new one now and it's so cute just that my limited brain can't seem to make it hover up and down anymore just like the way I found it over here.

Other than my new favicon, I've also obviously changed that annoying old animated background into this new cute pink and brown damask background that I found over here. It was actually kinda hard for me to let go of that previous background because I remember doing it for about 2hours but I've gone so worn out of it now so I guess it's time to change it and I do hope this new one is also ok and won't also be as annoying. Also, why damask out of all the patterns out there? because recently I've been kinda obsessed with it after seeing it as a wallpaper in SNSD's new MV "I Got A Boy" (a video that's fun and cute at the same time and it's also catchy that I frequently get LSS out of it). I just think damask patterns are vivid it's like a result of when chaos, elegance, vintage and cleanliness collide. This new background will be the start of my mature transformation even though I don't ever wanna grow up:P Moreover, I'll also be changing that header up there in the near future.

Like I said, in a few hours time I'm gonna be going back to school so I need to wrap this up quickly and sleep already. But I just don't wanna go back yet! T_T There's just too much Korean dramas to watch out there in so little time:/ I've still many things to do and school has to come back:(( Inspite of that, I still have to face it though for my own benefit and if time gets stuck right now I wouldn't be able to go to that Paris and Switzerland school trip this February which by the way I'm so excited but also on the down side, I might not be able to blog that much anymore:/ So I guess that's pretty much it of my worries and blog edits and honestly, the question that I wanna end this blogpost with is "What do you think of my new background?"

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ajib said...

blogwalking here my friend,please visit back

Dя Toxifier said...

your new background is cool.but i think you have added some code in your xml/html file that's causing certain troubles. You are trying to redirect everyone to /ncr directly without being able to view it in a country-redirected domain. That automatic redirection is rather redirecting everyone to rather than your own Thus a 404 error! So try and check that. Good day Sherry!

sHeRrY said...

@Dя Toxifier: Yup I'm preventing specific country-redirection in my blog but I've already added up a code that'll automatically do the job for me without having to add up /ncr in the url anymore so now I can just freely type in "" but you know how cbox saves some name/url info so I guess I still have /ncr saved in some cbox. Last night, I did experience being redirected to instead of my blog for a short while but sooner or later it went back up to my blog again so I just considered it as some minor Blogger glitches. Are you still experiencing the same problem? because I've already checked "" even with /ncr using MF, GC, IE and Safari(mobile) and it's prefectly fine for me. How are you able to go around the problem and visit my blog again?

acung said...

kunjungan sebelum tidur disini kawan :)

Dя Toxifier said...

No more problems. It's working as you wanted it too. Can you share the code with me too? I have been thinking about this, but for some reason have not yet taken any steps for that in my blog. And I simply typed your blog url/ncr to open it. it was good that I knew your url, else it would have been a bit difficult in visiting you that day.

sHeRrY said...

@Dя Toxifier: Thank goodness! Actually, I saw the 404 error again last night but nevertheless twas only once and I really hope it shall never happen again:( Here's the page where you can find the code:

Dя Toxifier said...

Thanks a lot sherry, but I think I will first research about that code. Since your blog again had that 404 error today at my end too! If I'll be able to find a better option, I'll let you know, else I think it's better to keep country redirection than sacrificing the visitors who might not be bothering to change the url by themselves

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