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Saturday, May 5, 2012

✿SJ's Opera MV teaser

Last week, I just saw that video up there which is Super Junior's Opera MV teaser. I'm not so sure when the full MV will come out but my classmate told me that it might be on May 9 (can't wait!). I've already heard the full mp3 version of Opera though because I have their Mr. Simple album in my ipod and it sounds very cool. I have to say, 내 애교, 핑크, 토끼, 왕자 이성민 (My charming pink rabbit prince LeeSungMin) here is hotter than ever! Before, he was very cute but now he has really transformed into a damn HOT one..xDD And also this MV style really suits YeSung^^ Hope to have many more Super Junior MVs to come!

4 intrigued?:

MissRainy said...

lets wait together! :)

Hisyam Fakhri said...

super junior fans nih

Ajangnya orang Sumba berbagi ilmu Pengetahuan said...

Have a great weekend my friend

yAhyA said...

they're cooL enOugh,,

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