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Saturday, December 4, 2010

。◕‿◕。pink aspire one happy。◕‿◕。

So I just got this yesterday^^,
I was so damn surprised because I thought I was only getting a cam but unfortunately KLM airline lost my mom's luggage with the bloggie touch cam in it so I got the hand-carried acer notebook first. But I do understand KLM's reason for my mom said that it really was snowing really hard over at Netherlands generally in Europe. 

Oh how I miss the snow in Ireland, the snowball fight I had with my Filipino and Irish friends and especially in Wisconsin when I was ten and I really witnessed how snow in US of A is thicker than in Ireland and UK! Oh how I'd love to also witness the snow in Russia with freezing negative temperatures^^p Whoa! oh yea.. snow! I forgot twas actually December and almost Christmas! that time of the year again:]

Anyways, let's go back to my new notebook^^,
Tho I initially wanted a pink sony vaio and actually I was suppose to get a pink HP mini 110 but it got out of stock, I'm still grateful and contented because at least I already have a notebook when others don't even have food to eat. Actually at first when I first used mom's new pink dell laptop I kinda fell in love with it but sooner or later when I started installing this notebook of mine and especially after I upgraded it from windows7 starter to windows home premium I also started to fall in love with it(boy softwares can be expensive! and i'm still not finish installing other softwares).
Instead of our family desktop I'm currently blogging with this cute lil' thaing^_^

Check this out!
pink Acer Aspire One Happy:click here    

17 intrigued?:

Menchie Anne said...

wow, you've been to many places.. that's great.. i hope i can also have new gadget

nekomiou said...

Snow~ I never see one~ hehe~ but it sounds excited~
New notebook~ I want one. I'm kinda greedy~ not satisfied with the current one~

Angel said...

Hey Sher! Nice Gadget~! Hope Ya Have Fun With It~! BTW Bout Mah Blog Title?? I Called It Rebel Pink Because It Kinda Stuck To My Head Although Mah Blog Isnt That Pink Though~! XXDD~!

sHeRrY said...

@Menchie Anne: yea i like traveling to cold places because when traveling i feel like i'm free from all my stress^^, you'll get a new gadget since it's almost christmas:]

@nekomio: what kind of notebook do you have? i'm kinda confused with mine because i thought it was a netbook but it says in the manual that it's a notebook^^/

@Angel: yea it barely has any pink in it but what the hey it's your blog go spontaneous with it^^p is pink also your favorite color?

nekomiou said...

Acer aspire don't remember the code~ hehe.. Ooo~ I'm not sure about that too~

xLinaily ♥ said...

lol cool ~~ yhu got a notebook ~ oh man LOL i always wanted a notebookk..maybe i should get that for christmas or something :)
awwh yhu lucky to see snow. it's very rare over here where i live.

sHeRrY said...

@nekomiou: maybe it's also an acer aspire one happy just like mine? is it also pink?

@xLinaily ♥: where are you from?


Nice posted
where is my link little sweety?

Merel ♥ said...

Woah, funny KLM airlines is dutch one. And yes it is really much snow here in the Netherlands :P !
But, woah the notebook is very pretty too!
I really like the color, just so cute :D <3

nekomiou said...

Nope, it's in blue black~ :P not a pretty colour~

Angel said...

Actually, I Like Pink Most Especially The Cherry Blossom Pink One, But Since Im Gothic, Black Is My Pink~! ^^

sHeRrY said...

@BLOGGING AND EARNING: it's there under my paperclips section.. the expansion code where the links are enclosed doesn't work with IE so you have to use Mozilla Firefox3+ browser for it to work:]

sHeRrY said...

@Merel ♥: yea i've ridden KLM airlines before so i know that it's a dutch airline and so i've been to Amsterdam airport and it was also snowing then^^, what laptop do you have?

@Angel: heheh...hell yea you go girl^^, what laptop do you have?

Merel ♥ said...

Awh cool :D Um i've got a dell lollipop Pink ^^

sHeRrY said...

@merel: my mom also has a pink dell laptop but dunno if it's lollipop:] I really regret it now because she offered it to me before but i rejected but now that i've used it personally it has cooler features than mmy notebook^^[

aka Procne said...

PINK! cuuuuute.

I'm drooling for new gadgets too. Dunno what's with new things.. they always get me to a high!

sHeRrY said...

@aka Procne: yea pink is my fave color:] have you also seen my other post about my new sony bloggie touch?

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