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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

。◕‿◕。prayers for Korea。◕‿◕。

Read this!
Korea tragedy news:click here

Oh God, please help Korea because my heart was really beating fast after hearing the tragic news since I totally support my oppas in CNblue and SuJu and also my unnis in 2ne1, 4minute and Secret. Let not only South Korea be in safety and in peace but of course also North Korea so that there'll still be more korean dramas in the future. This I ask(and also other people who are concern) through Christ our Lord. Amen!

Friends give us the courage to lift the blinds on our hearts, to open up and show what we generally keep hidden from the rest of the world.

Friends give us security in knowing our secrets will be protected and will not be broadcast from the rooftops.

Friends give us the strength to stand up after we have been knocked to our knees. They offer a safe haven from the storms of life.

Friendship is not how long you’ve been together, not how much you’ve given or received, not how many times you’ve helped each other, but it’s how u “value” one another.

Friendship is a chain of gold, each link a smile, a laugh, a tear, a grip of hand, a word of cheer. But no matter how heavy the load, I’ll be your friend ’till the end.
So how sweet of my friend right to tag me in this poem in facebook:]
And now, why can't both parts of Korea just be friends just like me and my friend who tagged me in facebook?  

15 intrigued?:

eMiLy ChAnG said...


Loise said...

omg , i'll pray .. :( me too i'm sad . waa, i'm a big fan of k-pop and k-dramas . hoping the there will be peace between the south and the north..

eMiLy ChAnG said...

(: haha. thanks! Now people can see your link! LOL!

enough with the lol, sigh. good news! my korean teacher say korea is still safe to visit!

Angel.S said...

OMG What Happened?! I Hope Korea Will Be Alright...! I Will Pray For Them~!

Aventureiros da Caatinga said...

Absolutely, violence makes violence around the world, struggling for peace...

jaena said...

Is it? I really dont know that..thanks for the info..hope korea will be alright..

sHeRrY said...

@eMiLy ChAnG: we should^^, are you a christian? because mostly malaysians are muslims right? whar's the update now with north and south? because i'm kinda busy with school:]

@Loise: agree agree! well, actually i'm not much on kpop but i super love suju! I'm more on a kdrama addict:]

@Angel.S: just read that link that i tagged in to know what's currently happening with Korea:]

@Aventureiros da Caatinga: yea currently the world is a bit too chaotic^^, BTW where are you from?

@jaena: glad to know that my post was informative:]

Fardiansyah said...

will pray for korea...

Merel ♥ said...

I'll pray, It's so sad that they're enemies.. :l

sHeRrY said...

@Fardiansyah: agree agree^^]

@Merel ♥: yea.. glad your back!! where have you been?

Merel ♥ said...

:D Hiatus.. was too busy with school

Anonymous said...

i always pray for korea, and for my Idol in there. hope they'll safe :)

sHeRrY said...

@Merel ♥: yea studies first!

@Mirah Andi: who specifically is your korean idol?

... said...

Oh my god! I heard about this on the news. I felt so bad for South Korea AND North Korea. They didn't deserve to suffer. Because of that stupid guy!! >.<

~Chubby Panda

sHeRrY said...

@...: who's that stupid guy?

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