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Saturday, November 13, 2010

。◕‿◕。i superღ SuJu。◕‿◕。


[Super Junior 슈퍼주니어]
1. Lee Sung Min (SuShe=Sungmin+Sherry^^p)
2. Kim Ki Bum (oppa will be back on the 5th album..Yey!)
3. YeSung
4. Cho Kyu Hyun
5. Kim Hee Chul
6. Choi Si Won
I'm a certified fan of Super Junior since April 13,2010. It has been 7 months since I first knew and loved them^_^

I admire ELF but I'm not planning on being an ELF^^, I'm officially not an ELF:]
All Super Junior members are handsome and as proof that they're not only handsome but also 100% talented would be all of these suju songs that I've got in my playlist..
Tune in for: It's You, Sorry Sorry, Sorry Sorry Answer, Bonamana, No Other and Yesung's It Has To Be You~~
I will forever and always support my oppas till the end!

23 intrigued?:

kyuuketsuki said...

tagboard? thank you for your comment but i'm not sure what a tagboard is.. ^.^''

Mujahadah said...

bonamana, hate that song.. bcoz my lil bro love to dance like 'em..! grrrr..ngeee

sHeRrY said...

@kyuuketsuki: a tagboard is either from a tagboard is where you post a message linked with your url(blog) then people can visit back your blog and your blog will become popular with search engines or you can either have ads and earn alot with the views you get on your blog because of tagboard referrals. anyway,s a tagboard is simply just like what i have in my blog:}

@Mujahadah: well, i respect your comment because we are all entitled to our different opinions^^, but they're not that bad. I heard their choreographer was from USA? I'm not so sure but I'm pretty sure about other famous choreographers in New York also dancing to there dancesteps^^, do you hate them or is it just the bonamana MV?

Mujahadah said...

no dear, just hate my lil bro who love to dance like robot.. he has no skill to dance like 'em.. :) i love 2pm most...

jaena said...

well..i also not an ELF..btw agree bout ur statements..suju is talented and very good looking..

iqbalhakimi said...

hey suju fan...u can join my sis..until now ,i cant understand why she like them so much..and i also went to their concert in malaysia ..i cant remember the time,hehe..but im not going there to see their concert but just to pick up my fren..what i can see is there a lots of girl there..hahaha..if im one of suju,i will imagine like standing in the heaven,.hehe

sHeRrY said...

@Mujahadah: ahhh ok^^, 2pm is alright but i'll always support SuJu&Cnblue 4ever^^. heheh lil brothers can sometimes be annoying but don't you know that your lucky to have a lil cute rascal? I don't even have siblings because I'm an only child:]

@jaena: heheh they really super duperly are! lemme agree with that again...xD

@iqbalhakimi: heheh...SuJu! Can I have you sis blog? gosh I just love em so much that I'm planning to watch ss3 this coming February in Manila,Philippins..xD

Meyraa - chan said...

I love Suju!!!! high five Sherry~ hehe

though my fav is japenese singer. but well, in korean i like Suju, BigBang, SS501 :) My fav in Suju is Heechul (he made me laugh everytime i look at him :P ), KyuHyun, LeeTeuk, Kibum (we share DOB.hehiks :D and last Siwon! hehe

PuiLing :) said...

haha hai:>
suju's awesome ;)

eMiLy ChAnG said...

HAHA, CHO KYUHYUN IS MY No.1 :) Listen to Shake It Up!! Very nicee! ELF FTW <3 xxx

Susanne J. L Gilman said...

Thank you for visiting.
Nice blog (:

And yeah, I added a tagboard today, hehe (:

have a good day !

sHeRrY said...

@Meyraa - chan: I also like SS501 but that's only because of Kim Hyun Jung^^, gosh! I've got 4 friends already who like Heechul including you:] well, I'm not that much into jpop and initially I go for taiwanese, korean and japanese drama and not so addict in their music industry but SuJu and CNblue are exceptions^^p

@eMiLy ChAnG: heheh alright^^, 4 of cousins are also avid fans of ChoKyuHyun. I already have their album but I haven't got time yet to put in my ipod and listen to it^^, what does FTW mean?

@Susanne J. L Gilman: heheh alright^^, I'm such an influence.. hope I was a good influence tho^^, well, having a tagboard isn't bad so I guess I'm much of a good influence:]P pardon my weirdoness I'm just too tired already...


sHeRrY said...

@PuiLing :): yea SuJu is super awesome^^, who is your fave?

kyuuketsuki said...

aah i see, thank you for explaining! n.n i'm gonna change the layout of my blog now so i'll see what i'll add.. ^.^
btw i also love super junior (obviously XD)

bubblydolly said...

I love super junior! They're the very reason why I got into kpop. Oh, Kibum actually! haha =)) I miss kibum so much T__T

PuiLing :) said...

My fave's Donghae and Leeteuk!XD
And thanks, I love the green balloon myself too^^
Why can't I leave a comment on your tagboard?O:

eMiLy ChAnG said...

FTW means For The World! :)

sHeRrY said...

@kyuuketsuki: anticipating for your new layout.. I'm gonna check it out later^^, who's your fave suju?

@bubblydolly: yea me too when I saw them on TV 7 months ago last april^^, and also like cnblue,2ne1,4minute&secret^^, who's your fave suju?KiBum?

@PuiLing :): really?are you sure because others can tag just perfectly fine including me:]

@eMiLy ChAnG: aheheh ok:]

kyuuketsuki said...

hmm i dont really have a fave member.. i usually don't have favourites XD but SuJu is my only fave group! <3
who's your favourite? :)

sHeRrY said...

@kyuuketsuki: my fave? well, of course you can read it from this post:]

Kyuu said...

oh of course XD im sorry, i did read your post but i wasnt thinking when i wrote my comment or something -.-
so its Sungmin <3 he's so cute! n.n

iqbalhakimi said...

hey..sorry to say that she doesnt have blog u can contact her by her fb for FISHY LALA..she used DONGHAE as her profile pic..hope u will be happy seeing ur suju mate..haha

sHeRrY said...

@kyuu: OMG SunggMin is also your bias?!!...xDDD
@iqbalhakimi; oh so donghae is her bias..well, he's also cute. Come to think of it every single one of them is uniquely handsome...xD

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