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Sunday, October 17, 2010

ஓ어떻게해야 하죠?ஓ


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 어떻게해야 하죠?(What to do?!!)
You see I'm not allowed by my mom to sleep alone in my room so that's why I share it with my cousin. Now, the problem is that I caught my cousin wearing my pink sleeveless shirt in a picture on facebook a few days ago and the most disappointing part is that she never asked permission! I tried so hard not to get angry and burst so I commented "hey isn't that mine:]?" (notice the smile?)

And that's not all! Last month after Sunday mass I saw her wearing my fubu blouse? And guess what^^, my thick-face cousin acted like nothing happened! I admit I've some anger issues but I was calm enough that time that I just ignored it since I just came from mass:) (hahah!what an angel?)

Na ah ah! Story ain't over yet.. So this morning when I checked my closet and I realized my jag skinny jeans was gone?! I really checked if it was there(got help from my maid) and it really wasn't there.. Whopteedee! So obviously the primary suspect would be her...

Therefore, I confronted the bitch (I know harsh right? but she forced me!) I texted her saying "Hey! know where my jag skinny jeans went to? because I can't seem to find them and can you also return my pink sleeveless shirt that you wore on your facebook profile picture together with my pink fubu blouse?" Then she just replied this afternoon saying "I haven't seen your jeans. I didn't take your pink sleeveless shirt and fubu blouse it just ended up it my closet and when I asked your previous maid who owned it she didn't know so that's why I just wear it". My text reply "kk fine.. but next time ask me and don't just rely on my maid because she doesn't know all my clothes"

So I also told my current maid about her reply (my current maid has really proven herself trustworthy before&I ain't blogging about that anymore because it's a looong story). And what she had to comment was "If it ended up in her closet then she would've made an effort to really know who the real owner was and it's kinda suspicious how it never occurred in her mind to also ask you because you're also a girl living this house. She really has a lousy reason!"

 어떻게해야 하죠?(What to do?!!) My cousin is really annoying and there's also a slight chance she might do it in the future if she was able to do it now and in the future it might not only be clothes.. Well, I just hope it'll just be clothes because if I caught her next time meddling with my money I'm really gonna kick her out! 어떻게해야 하죠?(What to do?!!) Did she really mean to take my clothes since she never asked me first on who owns it? Where are my jag skinny jeans?!!어떻게해야 하죠?!!어떻게해야 하죠?!!

This morning I did a 2 hour make up session together with my piano teacher, Ms Maxelende Ganade (yea the transcriber of the Bohol hymn "Awit sa Bohol") for the classes we missed last week. Anyways, so I put up that video up there because that's suppose to be my recital piece and I should've put up my own video but I've only started practicing the piece and I haven't memorized it yet.
어떻게해야 하죠? I know it's hard enough already and I've got to memorize it (my goal is to memorize it within 2 weeks tho it's not compulsory) but am I able to do it together with this hectic schedule of mine? I'm suppose to memorize it before recital (next year) before my mom returns from Ireland (December) and within my set duration which is again 2 weeks!! I still have a project to do for computer club ^^/ and I'm just not up for it since my passion is up for dazing off about watching kdramas and for what my mom has to bring home this christmas vacay ^^//
 어떻게해야 하죠?!!!어떻게해야 하죠?!!!

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Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

Hi there, cute skin~
Oh you really have to told your cousin to ask a permission! of course. I would be such rude to use others things without permit

sHeRrY said...

@Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린: well, actually as said in my post she said that she didn't know who owned it so she just carried on wearing it but still a lousy excuse right? because she never even dared to ask me.. But I'm that kind of person who is understanding so if that's what she says then I believe her just hope that she's really telling the truth and so that's why I just advised her to also ask me on who owns the particular thing:D Or in other words "dare asking permission b*tch!!" ^^p heheh so harsh right?

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

yeah,it makes me kind of afraid to use my own template too =( ppl are being rude and sometimes they just erased the credit! geez...

and answering your question, my mom is korean, and my dad is chinese...So I'm a mix between it.hehe

sHeRrY said...

@Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린: yea that is kinda rude how people don't credit you for your own hard work... it's soo frustrating^^< but how come it makes you afraid to use your own template? you shouldn't be afraid since it's yours in the first place:]

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