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Monday, May 3, 2010

ஓYESTERDAY'S happeningsஓ

went to starlight beach resort today^^,
fun fun fun^^&
saw hunks hunks hunks^^]P
ito'ng bagay sa inyo:
 I went with my dad to the pharmacy to buy his medicine after mass today^^,
Me bought delicious 'choc-o-star' ..
I bought alot^^, I mean one pack^^, 
Want one? u can have one:]
(I'm sooo generous)
Gosh^^, there was this guy named Jeremiah who an intermission in Pilipinas Got Talent(for foreigners: it's a talent tv show..obviously) Anyways, @ first he was doing fine singing a ballad but suddenly well, let's say he murdered a song && instead of entitling it 'one time'(I love you forever Justin Bieber!) he shud have his own version 'last time' since that performance shud be the LAST!(no offense..but that's what you get for ruining Justin Bieber's one time)  
jejej... I think it was Billy Crawford? he was like 'where are the buzzers when you need them?' ^^p
But the buzzers are gone since it's not the real contest yet just an intermission.
Even though it was just an intermission still the judges gave a comment && I had to agree with Kris Aquino that that ballad at the beginning really suited him^^]
 Here's my not amused looks on him for plagiarizing my one && only JUSTIN BIEBER:
I just gave my sweet teeth a bath:D
Here's a not prepared pic of me:
(as u can notice that white thing below my lip is toothpaste)
After a rubby dub dub on my teeth, I acted spontaneous^^]P
Here's a weird pic of mwah:
I want to post up a hater pic of Tricia Santos up here but I'm too lazy for her since she's not worth it! Argh! I KINDA agree with big bro when Eslove was forced evicted since it was an already uber joke BUT now still Tricia Santos the reason for Shey being force evicted?! 
man, Tricia has really crossed the line!!! 
why did she have to enter in the first place && ruin everybody's life inside the house?!!

Here's a description about her :
UBER childish, flirtish && SUPER KSP!!!

There wasn't any Ivan^^/ I miss my Ivan Anthony Dorschner:[
Here he goes:

credit:click here
But before the shocking news of Shey being force evicted there were butterflies in my stomach when the first 3 teenternational entered the house^^,
Gosh! I'm sorry Ivan but I'm trading u in for...
Bret 'indie singer ng USA' 
(Justin Bieber&&Zac Efron look-alike)

credit:click here

8 intrigued?:

Rose said...

weeeeeeeeeee bret hehehe ang talino pa niya :)

sHeRrY said...

@Rose: i noe right,dba he's taking up med tec?(beauty&&brains tlga)..kilala mo xa n real life?

Rose said...

haha hindi ah :) sinu mas pliin mo james or him>?^^

rosszie7 said...

hi shery..yesss u alrite..tq for the visit ya..;)

sHeRrY said...

@rosszie7: u noe i do hav a cbox ryt?under 'spills' section @ d nav bar @ d left side:]

rosszie7 said...

to shery..yap the way my lappy screen so small ya dear..that's why i used it comment box ya..anyway thxs for yr info..;)

ros said...

hi..shery..u are rite..but upin ipin is frm m'sia actually...;)

sHeRrY said...

@ros: oh really?i thought those cute cutiepies are from Indonesia.. heheh my bad^^]

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