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Friday, May 21, 2010

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YFC(Youth For Christ)
Last Friday I went with my doubled-faced cousin to a youth camp from a religious organization called "Youth For Christ". My cousin joined YFC a week before I did && so last friday it was the first time she served for YFC && I just joined bcoz I was influenced by my other older cousins. Now I'm not gonna elaborate a lot about the youth camp but I'm just gonna tell you this. In order to be a YFC you need to participate in a youth camp where there are talks && stuff && there'll be a night when you'll be baptize. 

I was baptized as a YFC last Saturday May 15,2010. The baptism was a very memorable event for me bcoz I was given the chance to really talk to God that tears couldn't be avoided to fall from my eyes. It was really refreshing how I was able to drop all the load/excess baggage that my heart was suffering from(nurp! I'm not gonna spill about the confidential talk I had with God). They told us to close our eyes && it was so relaxing. I felt that the Holy Spirit was with me. Honestly, while closing my eyes I dunno but I somehow kinda saw a white spark?I assume it was the Holy Spirit:]
Then the 3rd day(Sunday) came. Before I took a shower this guy told us about a stealing incident that happened to our fellow YFC brother && little did I know that that brother was my elementary classmate. He lost his money&&cellphone. Anyways, just to be sure I also checked my bag && just my luck! The team leader held a bag inspection && really searched the grounds to retrieve something because

Anyways I'll forgive you whoever you maybe&&I was also planning on replacing that cam. Therefore I conclude that in order to welcome in new stuff old people must die first&&make way for new born babies^^]p

I dedicate this video to the thief bcoz it's somehow related to my missing camera. The weirdness && kinda horror theme of the MV kinda shows that I'm sad && mad at him. The good rhythm && happy lyrics shows that I wont dwell on the sad event forever && that somehow && someday I will forgive him but just not now bcoz the happening is still fresh. I am not cheap! My quality of life is expensive! My meter of happiness && the number of smiles I shine proves how my life is meaningful:] 
Picture picture! God Bless you^.^
I'm planning on posting again after I have a new layout:) 

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Merel ♥ said...

Awesome you can go to an YFC ^^ i sadly enough can't it seems not 2be in my country.. :-( and bad bad thief, i think picture picture is a funny song :-D

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