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Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Today was the last day of school..yea!
I'm gonna miss my 2crushes in school^^]P
I officially declare me not being a sophomore anymore:}

Yes its finally summer&&I can do whatever I want^^]

Mom is back from US of Abut she's not returning here in the Philippines but in Ireland bcoz she was just visiting my grandparents in US^^, I hope she was able to buy me my craving:
(Pink Sony VAIO..I forgot my fave version
I love my mom she's very cool^^, She buys me alotta pink stuff that I dont have to ask from her like my PINK phones, psp &&my sony cybershot touchscreen cam that she got me for my bday that I never expected of getting. I really want that laptop&&I'm kinda worried bcoz I demanded for it && when I demand for something I usually don't get it but when I don't it's the other way around? 

Gonna watch alotta movies^_^
I can't believe someone fooled me into buying an incomplete TWdRaMa dvd.. well, i didn't let them off the hook so they refunded me with another one:]
currently watching:
櫻野3加1 (樱野3加1) / Ying Ye 3 Jia 1[My Best Pals]
 (so far I'm loving it)
(I really thought that the leading man 'Ming Dao' was Ethan Ruan) =P
Xia Tian, Jia Jiang, Fang Wei, Bulu all four grew up on Westside Street together and currently study in Ying Ye School. One month away from graduation.
Xia Tian's dad is a police officer in Westside Street and is retiring tomorrow. But just on that day, they all had a fight with the Dinosaur gang in the school and were almost expelled by the principal. Officer Xia went to settle the conflict and not only did it not get settled, his gun got misplaced by the principal too. Everyone thus discussed things over and decided that AJ they all will remain in the school and they must find the gun within the one month of graduation to let Officer Xia retire peacefully and happily. Jia Jiang, Fang Wei and Bulu then can successfully graduate.
While finding the missing gun, they discovered that a ex-convict Grey Wolf who escaped from prison is possibly connected with the missing gun and even more surprisingly, the Grey Wolf is actually having close communication and contact with students in Ying Ye.
Among the teenagers, they had to cooperate to find Officer Xia's missing gun and this let AJ and XT who have since young been at loggerheads to develop feelings for each other. FW who has always liked XT now becomes the love rival of AJ. This love triangle will have what impact on AJ and FW's friendship? AJ and XT who used to be as close as siblings, will their relationship change? Who stole Officer Xia's gun? And how are they going to find it? What will be discovered in their process? Let the four people use their own ways to bring you this story in 2007's Summer. 
- Translated by minivicki @ 
School's out Summer's in^^,
Let the FUN begin!

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