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Sunday, December 6, 2009

ღbusy busy meeeღ


I noe I noe its been a month since my last post...
but I can't help it I've been REALLY REALLY busy recently with my academics^^<
Its really true what they say about highschool that it's very challenging especially sophomore layf!
(haix.. tell me about it)  

Alotta stuff happened to me last November but unfortunately I was unable to share those memories online &&I'll definitely wont b mentioning them bcoz itd b 2 many to enumerate^^,
I HATE being busy bcoz 
1. I shud b able to update on the month of November since I love that month bcoz my bday falls on Nov 7
2. Its sooo tiring

*Bright Side*

1. I'm still alive juz been very busy...
&&that's the reason why I might not b able to post more often(&&mayb mostly bcoz of a VERY IRRITATING BAD INTERNET CONNECTION...ARGH! 2 frustrated to blog about it)

I have alotta ideas in my head for my blog but sumtimes I cant execute it bcoz of this very bad thing..HMPH!
my dad told sumthing about how to fix this probs really cant wait for that&& sorry I'm too freaking lazy to ellaborate more about that^^ppp

2. F u have notice sumwer under 'Layf' u can see my facebook badge... yea I've juz signed up for facebook.. actually that was like a long time ago sumwer last month but like I told u juz cudnt post about it earlier bcoz of busyness &&bad connection^^<
Anyways dun forget to add me in facebook...

Sooner I might post up sumwer in my blog the accounts i have online like friendster,Utube,Multiply&&etc.. but that might take awhile... when I have time.. or shud I even bother? haix... I'll have to get time to think about that^_^

3. I've got updates (next up)

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