The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. —Oscar Wilde

Monday, July 27, 2009

ஐ★Ciao to all the organisms in the uNiVeRsE★ஐ

Now I may sound weird from the title I juz typed but I promise u all that I am TOTALLY
100% |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
jejej u can also include CUTE u
p there^^p
yea like I said I'm NORMAL...
but you shud noe that

practice makes pErFeCt but NOBODY is pErFeCt so why practice???

jejej...SERIOUSLY, from that focus on
'NOBODY is pErfEcT'

so it's pretty obvious that it can't b avoided that I may have x,.defects.,x
yea^^, I admit it I make mistakes...

these are one of the x,.defects.,x I humiliatingly do^^/
but I don't weep on it like a tomato forever^^instead, I try hard to forget, learn from it&&move on wid my LaYf~~~

&& not only I do embarrassing stuff, I'm unfortunately gifted wid specs^^/

yea I sometimes feel great remorse bcoz the reason why I wear them now bcoz around @ the age of 10 I got myself oriented wid technology specifically computer && den i got my young brain addicted wid wadever stuff.. u noe like customizing online social networking sites(like friendster,bebo&&blahblahwadever)^^, so it must've been the radiation from the computer.. not only that there's also TV&&cellphone .. but from all of those sleepless nights I can say now that it's kinda worth it bcoz well, obviously my social profiles(wadever its called) are kinda IMO(in my opinion) stylish&&creative&& I learned a lotta terms which are supposed to b encountered in college... juz last year I was given permission to wear contacts already so now its less inconvenient^^,

Anyways, I'm kinda sticking on that topic for long enough now&& its kinda getting BORING!!!
so let's move on:]

If u remember I said sumthing about being
&& if u don't believe me here's a proof that I'm cl
early a HUMAN+_+

0 intrigued?:

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